Gifs from the children’s musical Lady and the Tramp (30 images)

Lady and the Tramp is a Disney Studios animated movie released in 1955. The movie tells a love story between two dogs, Lady, who belongs to a rich family, and Stray, a stray dog who lives on the streets of the city. The movie has become one of Disney’s most popular animated films and has received numerous awards and nominations. This selection features gifs from the children’s musical Lady and the Tramp.

lop-eared dog
new year’s gift
stray dog
plaid sweater
tender love
the lady and the tramp
cartoon scene
little puppies
delicious spaghetti
children’s musical
lop-eared dogs
shaggy dog
black eye
purple flowers
tender kiss
unique valentine
shaggy dog
The hobo from the cartoon
morning wake-up call
friendly family
tender love
successful date
spaghetti bolognese
Lady and the Tramp
children’s musical
little puppies
lop-eared babies
nature walk
water procedures
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