Batman gifs (50 pictures)

The boy who is afraid of bats has become not only a fighter for justice around the world, but also an example for many generations. The superhero theme attracts people of all genders and ages, and young fans of comic books, cartoons and movies, have known their idol since childhood, and understand that in case of trouble, he will always come to the rescue. This selection of Batman hyphonies are collected.

bright lightning
black cloak
passionate kiss
white eyes
great actors
nimble hero
black mask
serious face
bright geekfuck.
flickering icon
black background
great moon
red lettering
yellow smiley
beautiful illustration
rainy weather
prisoner of war
black fog
big face
favorite characters
night city
street fight
fast flight
hard blow
frightened man
inflated body
waving of the head
nice picture
developing cape
terrible castle
dark canyon
narrow eyes
red moon
interesting comic book
cartoon character
pictures from a comic book
film frame
yellow icon
evil characters
color logo
lights in the windows
serious face
gray smoke
sly smile
broken windows
big fists
cute badge
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