Gifs with crying and tears (100 pictures)

Not everything always goes according to our plans, and some events can greatly spoil everyone’s mood. But do not forget that it is much harder to experience bad events alone, and it becomes easier to share problems with a friend or loved one. Send the person you’re talking to an appropriate gif and share your problems. This selection includes hyphonies with crying and tears.

movie character

small child

colorful picture

big eyes

Anime footage

big smile

thin lines


crying girl

blond hair



silver rings

cartoon character

series heroine


violet hue

long bangs

unusual mask

pouty lips

the wolf and the heart

high forehead

flying birds

hot shower

plaid shirt

dark lipstick

fictional being

little kid

white turtleneck sweater

bright emoticon

long eyelashes

pink pencil

match score


famous actor

brown eyes

black and white


crimson jacket

thin eyebrows

women’s tantrums


Britney Spears

round smiley

paper cup

pouty lips

Jared Padalecki


protruding ears


bow tie

pouty cheeks

boomerang effect

growing beard

sad bulb

nice picture

blue background

banknotes of money

stream of tears

elongated bangs

large chain

transparent umbrella

American flag

dark lipstick

small peas

still from the film

dense forest


black dress

heavy rain

yellow shirt

gray shadows

chubby cheeks


protruding ears

cartoon characters


bright makeup

blond hair

surprised look

famous actor

high forehead

crying boy

hospital ward

leather jacket

thin lines

popular anime

animated cartoon



massage chair

little fairy

sad girl



striped tie

cartoon character


women’s tantrums

Jensen Ackles

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