X-Ray Gifs (30 images)

X-rays are a diagnostic technique that uses x-rays to create images of internal organs and bones. X-rays can be harmful to health, so precautions should be taken and the lowest possible dose of radiation should be used during the examination. The rays pass through the body and hit a detector that converts them into an image on a computer screen. This selection contains a collection of gifs with x-rays.

dancing skeleton
human X-ray
rib cage
terrible creature
musculoskeletal system
human skull
electrical discharge
microcephaly on the phone
head-on collision
butterfly in the stomach
hand x-ray
Simpsons cartoon
strange symbol
vintage picture
rib cage
musculoskeletal system
clavicle fracture
old camera
breathing act
butterflies in the stomach
medical humor
dirty pictures
loud singing
joint disease
photography process
musculoskeletal system
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