Gifs with icons backwards (50 pictures)

The Internet space is replete with all kinds of jokes and fictions of all kinds. Exactly, like a bubbling ocean, the world wide web never stops and never quiets down. There are dozens of forms of communication on the Internet, dozens of means of sharing information and hundreds of thousands of gifokas, smiles and pictures. This selection includes backwards badge hyphonies.

white hands of the clock
old tape
play button
long loading time
table clock
down arrows
film strip
TV screen
yellow arrow
electronic counting
start of viewing
volume arrows
tape review
red zeros
loading bar
vintage movie viewing
unlimited time
atmospheric inscription
beautiful abstraction
different icons
youtube icon
mouse pointer
black and white GIF
scroll bar
electronic countdown
unusual figures
green arrows
rainbow picture
unlimited time
office hours
green background
quick stopwatch
nice picture
quick timer
cool glasses
quick loading
girl with bangs
cassette playback
unrecorded tape
old cinema
rotating hands
time loop
rainbow picture
time vortex
numeral four
left arrow
going back
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