Beautiful and funny wedding gifs (100 pictures)

A wedding is a big and momentous event in everyone’s life. It is a huge celebration when two people who love each other legitimize their relationship and form a new family. On this day there is always a big celebration, where they invite a lot of guests and relatives. Newlyweds are given a lot of gifts, said a lot of nice words and wishes. Some people, on the contrary, do not make such a holiday out of it and just sign and celebrate modestly in a family circle. In this selection gathered beautiful and funny wedding hyphonies.

bouquet toss
dressed up lovers
ridiculous situation
passionate lovers
bride in a dress
wedding night
lucky girl
cool animation
strong wind
champagne glasses
the bride is running
inflammatory dancing
nice card
funny gif
seductive girls
prince and princess
developing veil
warmest regards
love kiss
nice picture
high spirits
luxury dress
naughty boy
pillow fight
on the same page
white veil
flower petals
funny video
noisy wedding
happy newlyweds
beautiful couple
happy laugh
wedding waltz
marriage of convenience
dangerous waves
smile on your face
festive atmosphere
beautiful bride
white outfit
relevant gif
snippet from the movie
fluffy skirt
jumping on the bed
toast raising
jealous girl
hello from France
friendly family
bride flex
awkward situation
careful attitude
cute animation
simple drawing
tireless passion
bridal bouquet
angry wife
smiling girl
long dress
professional filming
horny groom
beautiful animation
dancing all the way
girl fight
posh lady
refined lady
funny dances
sophisticated outfit
holiday fireworks
tasteful dress
great gif
slow dance
Not bad animation
best girl
beautiful bride
wedding disco
moving picture
ring exchange
dangerous lady
horny lovebirds
unhappy wedding
Horse gif
beautiful styling
husband and wife
cool video
wedding ceremony
selected dances
matching suits
card with love
funny guy
dream dress
elegant girls
hit meme
wedding attributes
on your way
A card from guests
better day

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