Cute air kiss gifs (100 pictures)

A kiss is a wonderful way to express your feelings, not necessarily love feelings. In many cultures, kissing is a gesture of respect and reverence. The air kiss is a form of the classic kiss, but without direct contact. Most often it is used to give a sign of attention at a distance, when close contact is not possible. It even has its own holiday – August 9 is Air Kiss Day. This selection contains cute air kissing hyphonies.

beautiful girl

rose petals

Hugs and kisses

butterflies and teddy bear

cool gif

red lipstick

little girl

wound curls

air kiss

blue eyes

black hat

A gif for a loved one

painted image


I love you.

especially for you

pink birdie

flamboyant butterfly

good morning

red hearts

beautiful girl

bright lipstick

falling snowflakes

wound curls

female silhouette

thin eyebrows



evening dress



black background

especially for you

little girl

sent by the soul

red manicure

small hearts

chubby cheeks

cute gif

Christmas cap

rose petals

long eyelashes

red hair

cool smiley face

finger ring

slanted bangs

air kiss

flying butterflies

shiny frame


happiness to you


bright colors



big smile

brown eyes

I love you

Marilyn Monroe


painted portrait

low neckline

gray shadows

red lipstick

gold earrings

especially for men

great picture

flying heart

beautiful girl

sleeping baby

white background

a little bit of everything

it’s for you

poppy seed headband

open shoulder

great image

yellow smiley

pouty lips

festive dress

pink roses

sweet little angels

white background

acid color

kindness and warmth

red heart


long gloves

famous actor

thin eyebrows

evening gown

beloved friends

Christina Aguilera

I love you


Good luck and good luck


flashes of light

pink shade

gift from the heart

yellow smiley

a little bit of everything

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