Funny gifs of joy, excitement and happiness (90 pictures)

Joy, happiness, and laughter are some of the most pleasant emotions he gets inside himself. Scientists have long proven that elation, humor and other positive emotions, improve the health of the body and prolong its life. Life wouldn’t be as interesting if it was all sadness and boredom. It is necessary at least once a day to please people, because it gives emotions and you. This selection contains funny gifs of joy, excitement and happiness.

famous actor

happy birthday

colored smiley

lunch time


white background

curly hair

still from the film

grey shirt

dancing people


cool gif

chubby cheeks

surprised girl


TV show

big smile

yellow sweater


cartoon character

happy smiley

blue color

long nose


teddy bear

wild flowers

high forehead

big eyes


curly strands

elevator accident

green dress

one-eyed smiley face

A still from a cartoon

falling snowflakes


big smile

violet hue

Whitney Houston

red coat

long bangs

protruding tongue

cartoon character

thin eyebrows

rotating icon

little wings

joy and sadness

famous actor

bright colors

black shirt

thin lines

school bus

tall cake

happy child

colorful cap

circular shape

lilac dress

Harry Potter

pink background

small heart

have a nice day

big smiley

bright colors


funny girls

evening gown

rotating movements

loving couple

birthday card

popular anime

animated cartoon

red hair

big smile

pretty girl

thin eyebrows

rosy cheeks

red umbrella

A still from a cartoon

orange coat

vehicle interior

car sticker

white background

famous actress

fiery dance

striped tie

pink background

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