Funny gifs with Homer Simpson (50 images)

Homer Simpson is the main character in the American animated television series The Simpsons. He is the father of three children, husband of Marge Simpson, and works at a nuclear reactor plant. Homer is portrayed as a not very intelligent, but kind and loving father and husband. He often gets into various ridiculous situations, but always finds a way out of them. Homer enjoys beer, greasy food, and television, which often leads to conflicts with Marge. However, despite his flaws, Homer is always there to support his family and friends. This selection features funny gifs of Homer Simpson.

funny face
Homer Simpson
awkward situation
lingering boredom
empty head
middle finger
frightened cry
Homer Simpson
onset of insanity
great joy
cute sneeze
funny dance
hand punch
Homer Simpson
tender kiss
monkey with plates
Homer Simpson
birthday cake
funny cartoon series
yellow man
Homer Simpson
wedding dress
ideal life
delicious doughnut
dream within a dream
shout of joy
strawberry doughnut
huge guy
strange disappearance
voice of reason
Homer Simpson
jubilant player
Homer Simpson
yellow man
beer mug
background image
sitting on the toilet
Leaning Tower of Pisa
handsome bearded man
water procedures
prickly cactus
purple car
Homer Simpson
angry face
strange outfit
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