Cute Easter Bunny Gifs (75 pictures)

The Easter Hare is an obligatory symbol of spring Easter for Catholics. The image of the hare was constructed based on ancient pagan symbolism as well as Christian legends, making a candy or pastry in the form of a hare the perfect gift for a spring holiday. The Easter Hare represents life and wealth, and therefore it is very closely associated with the holidays of fertility and spring. This selection includes cute Easter bunny gifs that everyone is sure to love!

protruding ears

cute bunny

Easter egg

shiny card

daisies and rose


blossoming flowers

blue jumpsuit

red tulips

wicker basket

brilliant image

cheerful chicken

pink dress

violet hue

bow tie

long mustache


sun rays

Happy Easter

rabbit ears

dressed up characters

fluffy clouds

bright colors



painted eggs

wicker basket

serious artist

great picture

straw hat

white background

gray color

fluffy tail

sun rays

open wings

on the desktop

cartoon character

violet hue

beautiful babies

brown tailcoat


the inspired creator


Happy Easter

yellow shirt

hopping rabbit

greeting card

painted figurines

red lettering

long mustache

life-size doll

small snack

blue pants

holiday car

tasty treat

cute animal

A still from the series




black eyes

rainbow of colors


greeting card

winking bunny

wicker basket

paper cups

big heart

lilac bow

bandits and the animator

green grass

cartoon character

beautiful couple


red nose

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