Gifs with fainting goats (25 pictures)

Fainting is a sudden loss of consciousness associated with impaired blood flow to the brain. If we talk about animals, some use this condition for protection. A similar phenomenon occurs in goats when they are frightened. As a result, the entire musculature of the animal is paralyzed. This phenomenon is caused by a genetic disease of the animal – myotonia. In this selection, you’ll find hyphonies of fainting goats.

Severe fright
Kicking the ball
Upside-down flip
A kick in the back
Restless behavior
Tipped over goat
Blue jeans
Funny costumes
Green grass
Running around
Loss of consciousness
Flipping to the side
Unsuccessful attempt
Major scare
Stomach up.
The impact on the floor
Green grass
Wooden gazebo
The Fleeing Herd
Grey Ball
Deep Autumn
Fainting in a goat
Punch in the mirror
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