Funny gifs with bows and curtsies (90 pictures)

A curtsy and bow is a sign of greeting used in the royal court. In Russia this gesture is no longer used, but in Great Britain it is still relevant. Men bow and women curtsy. There are rules of etiquette that prescribe how and when to perform this gesture. The curtsy determines the level of politeness of the lady, and similarly with a bow. In this collection of funny hyphonies with bows and curtsies.

cartoon characters

denim shorts

respected sheikh

series hero

colorful tail

thank you

purple skirt

burgundy bow

fluffy dress

red hair

blaze top

blue leggings

old time

low bow

thin lines

cartoon character

intensive charging

blond hair

low neckline

pearl beads

bright lipstick

arm tattoos

embroidered lace

TV show

grey T-shirt

elongated bangs

open wings

easy exercises

flower petals

long eyelashes

royal family

stage performance

sports mat

big smile

nice figure

turquoise shirt


cartoon characters

evening dress

low bow

capron tights


fluffy skirt


sports girl

painted frog

king and queen

blue top

pregnant woman

summer sundress

warm coat

Pitter Pans.

thin lines


open fan

blue dress

morning warm-up


curly hair

gold crown

bow and curtsy

wedding gown

little girl

protruding tongue

red blouse

stage performance

solemn ceremony

plaid jacket


long gloves

bright shoes


Prince Harry

brown eyes

still from the film

magic gin

popular anime

famous actress

high forehead

fallen chandelier

grey wolf

pearl beads

red hat

tight suit

A still from the series


dancing lesson

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