Funny photos of homeless people (57 pictures)

Unfortunately, not everyone’s life in this world is good, and some have to live in rather difficult conditions, or rather to survive. This also applies to people of no fixed abode. Some of the homeless chose this path of life themselves. The others were affected by unforeseen life circumstances. This selection contains funny photos of homeless people.

Help me get on my motorcycle


The homeless man shows his tongue


A homeless man at a wedding


Help on the booze


A homeless man near the merry-go-round


Schoolgirls around a bum


A homeless man drinks purple liquid


Homeless Magician


The Homeless Woman


A homeless man near the homeless monument


Homeless Party


A bum gets a haircut


The bums are sitting


The bums are resting


A homeless man named Sergei drove through town to get his wallet back


A homeless man in cardboard


Beckham bought a homeless man a burger and a beer and took him for a walk


A gathering of the homeless


A homeless man with glasses


Homeless people are friends


A homeless man in a fancy jacket


The Jolly Bum


A homeless man sleeps with a puppy


Bums with long beards


Homeless in New York


Homeless people taking pictures


3 homeless people are sitting


The homeless man frowns.


The Bum of All Russia


Funny, dangerous, playful, thoughtful, romantic, sad


Bums asleep


A homeless man in the metropolis


A comparison of the fashion of bums and fashion designers


This is Peter, homeless people take their shoes off when they come home


A homeless man near the woods


The homeless woman is not happy


Take a smoke break






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