Funny fall gifs (100 pictures)

Falling is an insanely unpleasant and painful feeling. Absolutely everyone has faced this at least once in their life. It happens especially often in childhood, when we are less attentive, not as afraid of everything. It also often happens in sports, especially in contact sports. Falls can cause a lot of injuries, so you need to be careful and know how to group yourself if it does happen. This selection contains funny fallen hyphonies.

A splash of water
Bad weather
Slippery surface
Rolling down the stairs
Unfortunate somersault
Failed Jump
Rolling down the mountain
Endless Stairs
Loss of control
A fallen off bar
Merry Winter
Green grass
Obstacle Crash
Large puddle
A skateboard that flew away
Public swimming pool
Lying guy
Unpleasant surprise
Aggressive Raccoon
Mowed lawn
Loss of balance
Surface impact
High jump
Chair breakage
Public Ignorance
Dense ice
Lifting the swing
The man who flew into the water
Stunts on a pole
Landing Cat
Adult fun
Inattentive Movement
Traumatic fall
Skateboards on the Road
Downward somersaults
Aging professionalism
Running with obstacles
Camera shake
Long flight
Deep hole
High-level stunt
Confusion of limbs
Rocking back and forth
Gorgeous hammock
Spread legs
A leap of faith
High craftsmanship
Diving into the bathtub
Trying to get a grip
Without insurance
Tiled floor
Black jacket
Mr. Bean
Small hole
Road Running
The Fall of the Christmas Tree
Relay handoff
High cliff
Big Wheels
Interesting animation
Slippery Floor
Convex abdomen
People flying down
Trash can
Live Engines
Painful blow
Unconventional flexibility
Dancing in front of the mirror
Puddle of mud
An unstable branch
Flying with a swing
Recording on camera
A looping gif
Poor mass calculation
Moving on your hands
Dangerous Coup
High heel
A drunken couple
Panda costume
Tipping into the water
Large body of water
The leg hitch
Grandma and Grandpa
Epic Fail
Sliding Trick
Ice underfoot
Dance moves
A flying pole
Lift from the floor
The Wet Kid
Large build
Broken fence
The man who flies away
High steps
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