Funny Duck Dancing Shuba Gifs (80 pictures)

Shuba duck is a popular Internet meme. Represents a painted white duck with a cap on his head. The meme first appeared on the Internet on Twitter. A certain user posted a gif with this duck. The gif started spreading all over the Internet and became the subject of many memes. Later the character appeared on the service Reddit, where he finally became a global meme. This selection contains funny hyphonies with a dancing duck Shuba.

dancing duck
Daffy Duck gif
Funny chicks
goose in a cap
friendly bird
dancing chick

duck stories

dancing ducks
cool bird
cool animation
chick bathes
funny picture
rubber duck
pixel bird
interesting story
duck incident
fun animation
ridiculous situation
the duck says goodbye
playful mood
funny duck
dancing animals
Daffy Duck animation
spinning bird
the duck laughs
Hawaiian dance
resentful chick
cool gif
running geese
pretty duck
the bird jumps
goose animation
froggy nene
unusual picture
interesting gif
cartoon duck
funny situation
spinning bird
fallen asleep duckling
goose is coming
animated chick
spinning duck
meme of life
diving bird
cool edith
floating duckling
epic picture
cool video
speed duck
goose on a rainbow background
funny bird
Not a bad cut
dancing ducks
ominous image
duck in the hat
geese on the grass
rockin’ dance
inseparable friends
dreamy bird
fluffy duckling
inflammatory dances
white goose
pixel duck
friendly guys
  • blackbird
    meme picture
    chick in the water
    popular gif
    aggressive running
    animation of a drawn goose on a green background
    surprised goose
    carefree walk
    homely atmosphere
    cool meme

    A rousing flex
    Goose Man


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